65680 S Victory Road, Chickaloon July 13th, 2014

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victoryrd 3(29)
3+Bedrooms, 2 Baths

This is a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind log home about an hour’s drive northeast of Palmer. It was built by Marvin DenBleyker, the same builder as our listing on Floyd’s in Palmer. Quality work, with an Alaskan flair.

The soaring two-story living room is warmed by a wood stove, with a pass through to the large kitchen. A solid wood wraparound creates a low bar/table at one end of the kitchen. This home is cozy, warm, and full of craftsman style.
victoryrd (25)
The full deck out the front offers plenty of space to sit out and enjoy Alaskan summers with barbecues and summer game nights. Large walk-through mudroom, and two car garage with a bonus room on the back.

The home has 2,116 sqft and sits on a 2 acre lot. It’s located in one of my most favorite communities in Alaska: Victory. It sits about an hour’s drive north east of Palmer, and is filled with great people! The community is centered around Victory Bible Camp and Conference Center, near multiple lakes and less than 15 minutes from the Matanuska Glacier.
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65680 S Victory

[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-282.jpg]17210
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-228.jpg]3460
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-1-27.jpg]3030
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-430.jpg]2930
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-329.jpg]2700
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-1.jpg]3300
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-2.jpg]3440
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-3.jpg]3360
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-4.jpg]3210
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-42.jpg]2960
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-5.jpg]2970
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-52.jpg]2820
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-6.jpg]2590
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-62.jpg]2380
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-7.jpg]2370
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-8.jpg]2310
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-9.jpg]2290
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-10.jpg]2170
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-11.jpg]2360
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-12.jpg]2190
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-13.jpg]2130
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-132.jpg]1860
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-14.jpg]1870
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-142.jpg]1820
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-144.jpg]2040
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-15.jpg]2090
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-16.jpg]2030
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-17.jpg]2000
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-18.jpg]1870
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-19.jpg]1910
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-20.jpg]1910
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-202.jpg]1940
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-21.jpg]1880
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-22.jpg]2130
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-23.jpg]2180
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-24.jpg]2070
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-25.jpg]1900
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/65680-s-victory/thumbs/thumbs_victoryrd-26.jpg]1910

Written by Marty Van Diest

Arnie’s 4th of July July 6th, 2014

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Arnie's Parade

Arnie’s Parade

Arnie and Carol Hrncir sponsor an annual Independence Day celebration that is unique in Alaska and probably the world. Arnie is one of those classic Alaskan personalities. You know, the kind with the cowboy hat and “texas twang” that wandered North and found his real home. He also found Carol working at Victory Bible Camp at mile 95 Glenn Highway and the two settled down a couple miles away at Hick”s Creek Lodge. The lodge is now under the old highway at mile 96 so their headquarters moved to mile 100 Glenn Highway where they run a variety of “classic Alaskan” businesses. One of them is the Nitro Zip Line which offers a view of the Matanuska Glacier while you zip down the 1/4 mile run.

You can see Arnie and Carol as they sign along to “North to Alaska” in the video below:

The celebration features a parade of course,usually there are at least 5 entries, I think this year’s parade had nine or 10. I couldn’t tell if the boonie rig in the rear was actually in the parade or had just entered to ensure that the Ford Explorer, (which was celebrating it’s last harah before launching it’self into oblivion off a 300 foot cliff), didn’t stall. As it turned out the Explorer did stall but the boonie rig pushed it on through.

However, the Explorer was running fine later as it roared straight at the cliff. Thankfully, no animals or humans were hurt in this video. That can’t be said for the Explorer, however which is currently for sale.

A community potluck, bowling ball cannon, sing-along, and good old neighborly communion are the reason our family tries to make it to Arnie’s 4th of July each summer.

Written by Marty Van Diest

Monday Market Memo July 1st, 2014

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With summer officially here; things are popping in the real estate market. Take a look at the numbers and see for yourself that now is both a great time to sell AND to buy.

If you are not currently working with a Real Estate Sales Associate; give us a call to check out Valley Market Real Estates current listings and/or any other listings in the Valley you might be interested in checking out!

Number of Listings Average Price Median Price DOM
New 58 $249,393 $215,000
Total Active 797 $276,494 $239,000 126
Pending 44 $249,694 $236,950 69
Closed 42 $237,360 $230,000 111

Written by Marty Van Diest

Unique House Pricing and Unique Realtor Compensation June 24th, 2014

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I thought I would post an email I sent today to show how we work at Valley Market Real Estate. I made a few redactions to protect identities but otherwise this is just a copy and paste of an email sent just a few days ago.


I viewed your house with XXXXXXX. It was good that I did. I was in your house just once quite a few years ago. It is certainly a unique Alaskan house.

There are really no close comparisons to your house to try to nail down a real accurate price that a buyer will be willing to pay. The woodwork in the house is impressive and the fact that much of it is recycled wood makes it even better.

The location is also extremely unique. It is unlikely that the land around it will be developed in the foreseeable future. It is hard to find properties like this.

After viewing the property I would have to say that the value is around $250K with a margin of error of 10% or so. So that is a range of $225-$275K. I know that is a huge range, but with the current market situation and the extremely unique property I don’t feel it would be responsible to let you believe we can price this more accurately than that.

It’s one thing to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges but when you have a pomegranate in an apple orchard it’s a little difficult to make good comparisons.

I am VERY flexible when it comes to marketing choices. I have different packages ranging from 4.5% to 7%. All the packages include great photos, good signage and extensive internet coverage. I do the same amount of support on the transaction management portion of it, and that is really where a real estate licensee’s value lies.

Give me a call

Marty Van Diest
Valley Market Real Estate
907 232-7900
[email protected]

Written by Marty Van Diest

6505 N Peters, Palmer June 20th, 2014

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6505 peters (2)
3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath

6505 peters (22)This listing is a 1200sqft home with a 2520sqft shop attached. The home boasts an open-concept living, dining and l-shaped kitchen with an island. 1.67 acres off Palmer Fishhook.

Bathrooms are tiled floor to ceiling with laminate flooring everywhere else. 6505 peters (18)In-floor heat throughout from natural gas (shop included).

The shop has a built-in area that is currently used as a re-loading room and could also be used for great storage.

Click through the photos below, click on “FS” to view fullscreen.

6505 Peters

[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-1_0.jpg]4910
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-2_0.jpg]690
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-3_0.jpg]660
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-4_0.jpg]670
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-7_0.jpg]770
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-8_0.jpg]670
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-9_0.jpg]630
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-10_0.jpg]610
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-11_0.jpg]600
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-12_0.jpg]680
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-13_0.jpg]640
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-14_0.jpg]580
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-15_0.jpg]610
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-16_0.jpg]550
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-17_0.jpg]620
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-18_0.jpg]590
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-19_0.jpg]610
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-20_0.jpg]550
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-21_0.jpg]520
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-22_0.jpg]560
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-23_0.jpg]520
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-24_0.jpg]540
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-25_0.jpg]590
[img src=http://valleymarket.com/wp-content/flagallery/6505-peters/thumbs/thumbs_6505-peters-26_0.jpg]450

Written by Marty Van Diest

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