Annual Holiday Event in Matsu Valley – Colony Christmas in Palmer

There is no doubt that Alaska is a dream for those who love winter and adventure. In the winter, the snow-covered Matsu Valley is alive with the joy of Christmas. Enjoy the best event in the Matsu Valley: Colony Christmas in Palmer. 

6 Things to Know about Colony Christmas in Palmer

1. One of the Best Holiday Celebrations in Matsu Valley

The Colony Christmas begins the second week of December in downtown Palmer. It is a small-town holiday celebration that many Alaskans look forward to attending. Nothing beats the festive atmosphere of Colony Christmas!

2. Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are a well-known part of Colony Christmas. Vendors with authentic craft items gather in bazaars around the Palmer area. It can be an excellent place for finding unique Christmas gifts. The largest craft fairs are at Mat-Su Borough Gym, the Palmer Senior Center, and Palmer Train Depot.

3. Meet Santa

Your children will enjoy meeting Santa at Mat-Su Borough Gym and seeing real reindeer at the Palmer Visitor Center. This Christmas, let the kids pet the beautiful reindeer, a childhood dream come true. We call it an “only in Alaska” opportunity, so don’t pass it up!

4. Parade of Light

The vibrant colors and beautiful lights around Christmas are undoubtedly breathtaking. Even more exciting is the parade of lights of Colony Christmas, which adds more charm to the festivities. Saturday evening will see the famous light parade moving down Alaska Street. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate and enjoy the parade with your family! You can also watch a fireworks spectacular after the parade.

5. Gingerbread House Contest

Compete in the gingerbread house contest for a chance to win exciting prizes. Ensure your gingerbread is 90% edible and no larger than 24″ x 18″ w/base. If you enjoy gingerbread and want to take part, click here!

6. Hay Ride

Take a hay ride downtown to experience the essence of Christmas in Palmer. It can be a fantastic way to spend quality time with your loved ones during Christmas. The Christmas hayride can bring joy to people of all ages!

Enjoy the best events in Palmer this Christmas. Celebrate with the community and create holiday memories! Get your Christmas trees, decorate your homes, and enjoy the carols! Other events include gospel choirs, Santa Claus gift distribution, brunch, Christmas dinners, and much more. You can learn more at

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