Things to Do in Hatcher Pass AK

Hatcher Pass’s beauty, with the surrounding mountains and nature’s bounty, is well known worldwide. The 60-mile road from Palmer to Willow is attractive and popular with adventure seekers. Check out these things to do in Hatcher Pass, AK. The area has so much to offer!

5 Things to Do in Hatcher Pass 

1. Hiking

Hatcher Pass is ideal for hiking. You can find trails for hikers of all levels. The Reed Lakes Trail is well-known among hikers, and Gold Cord Lake is perfect if you want something easy. You can also check out Gold Mint Trail, April Bowl, and many others. There are so many opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Alaska.

2. Take a Long Drive

Have an incredibly scenic drive! Nothing beats Hatcher Pass in Alaska for a pleasant drive with scenic beauty. You can experience some of the most beautiful mountain views. You should also keep your camera ready. It is a great place for photography. 

3. Live the History

People in Alaska know that Hatcher Pass has an interesting history as well. Check out the Independence Mine State Park, which spans 272 acres. The abandoned gold mine offers the perfect opportunity to learn about local history. Tour the mine while admiring the breathtaking views of Hatcher Pass.

4. Berry Picking

Do you love fresh berries? Go berry picking in Hatcher Pass. August is the perfect month for berry picking in Alaska. Hatcher Pass is almost famous as a place to go berry picking! Blueberries are abundant but remember there are poisonous berries as well. You must be careful to ensure you pick only the right berries. You can check out this page to learn about berry picking in Alaska.

5. Mountain Biking

Alaska is perfect if you want a mountain biking adventure! The breathtaking mountains offer incredible scenery and excellent bike trails. Read this article to see the experience of other bikers. Also, check out these mountain biking trails from Hatcher Pass Management for recommended routes in the area.

Remember: The central portion of the road is closed from October 1st through May 31st due to heavy snowfall. Make sure you stay updated concerning road clearance. 

Both Palmer and Wasilla are not only beautiful but also have great neighborhoods. 

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