4 Reasons Why People are Moving to Alaska

Alaska is one of North America’s crown jewels, with majestic glaciers, incredible terrain, and over 3 million natural lakes with pristine water. Alaska’s natural beauty is so alluring that people can’t help but be drawn to it. And, of course, the Auroras draw visitors from all over the world. There are many reasons why people are moving to Alaska. Keep reading to learn everything!

4 Reasons People are Moving to Alaska

1. No Tax!

Yes, you are not dreaming. You may now pinch yourself! As an Alaskan resident, you owe no state taxes on your income or any sales tax on purchases. However, property tax will be levied. But common! An obvious no-tax on others will undoubtedly make your financial situation better.

2. Affordable and Beautiful Neighborhoods

The homes in Alaska are less expensive than in other parts of the United States, and Alaska is known for its excellent neighborhoods and its friendly people.

Palmer and Wasilla in Alaska are well-known for their natural beauty and modern amenities. Both areas are the best suburbs in diversity and amenities for young professionals and families. Many consider any of these suburbs a dream destination because of the surrounding mountain views and pleasant weather during the spring, summer, and fall months. No wonder Alaska was ranked to be the happiest place in America in 2015 by Gallup-Healthways.

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3. Alaska will Pay You

The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Program ensures that full-time residents of Alaska receive royalties ranging from $800 to $1,100 annually, depending on the Permanent Fund’s investment earnings. While it’s not a lot of money, it certainly helps.

4. Adventure and Other Activities

Alaska is ideal for thrill-seekers. Alaska’s enthralling natural beauty and wildlife encourage various recreational activities and adventure. Hiking, exploring ice caves, dog sledding, the northern lights, cruising the coastal waters, fishing, and many other exciting activities are possible in Alaska.

If you love using your time in hunting or fishing, then BINGO, Alaska is the place for you! Alaska is famous for hunting grouse, hare, brown bear, mountain goat, caribou, and moose. Alaska’s lakes have fish like salmon, halibut, and trout readily available for fishing. Oh yeah! You will also find King Crab here.

If you like why people are moving to Alaska, you should consider moving there. You, too, can decide to live a simple life amid nature while enjoying some of nature’s best moments. 

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