Wasilla Celebrates 4th of July

4th July is approaching, and no doubt everyone plans to show their patriotism. Please continue reading to learn how Wasilla celebrates the 4th of July by roaring in its freedom and having a fantastic day with friends and family commemorating American Independence.

How Wasilla Celebrates 4th of July

1. Parade

Wasilla begins the special day with the largest parade in Alaska. Everyone looks forward to downtown Wasilla’s community parade that kicks off at 11 a.m. Enjoy the joy of watching a colorful parade displaying American freedom and colors in Wasilla’s pleasant weather and natural beauty. This year’s (2022) parade theme is “Let Freedom Ring for All.”

2022’s parade will start from Wasilla High School till Wasilla Police Department. If you want a float in the parade, click here.

2. Mayor’s Picnic

Immediately after the parade, what follows is the Mayor’s Picnic. Enjoy this community event with others and have a great time at Iditapark Lawn. Located at 500 W. Nelson Avenue, Iditapark is one of the most significant parts of Wasilla. It’s a lovely park with plenty of amenities and even BBQ pavilions. Iditapark’s gardens are truly fascinating, with their duck ponds, benches, and spacious turf areas. Don’t be concerned about parking because there is plenty of space to ensure easy access. 

3. Fireworks!

At night, treat your eyes and senses to spectacular fireworks that showcase America’s pride in the night sky. Every year, thousands of people flock to Wasilla’s Wonderland Park to witness the splendor of fireworks. Who would want to miss such a spectacular scene? 

The fireworks begin at 11 p.m. So, stay until the night with sparkles to make your upcoming Fourth of July memorable! Watching fireworks in a clear sky is genuinely mesmerizing when the weather is nice.

Wonderland Park is easy to reach for both locals and non-locals. It is located on the highway and part of the 28 acres of Iditapark.

4. Other Things

The day involves music, food, and entertainment. You will not be bored on 4th July, for the day is filled with fun activities. More than three thousand people join the City of Wasilla’s Freedom celebrations every year! 

Check out the City of Wasilla invitation for the year 2022 here.

This time, see how Wasillacele celebrates the Fourth of July, a town known for its beauty and unique neighborhoods. Famous for its celebrations as well!

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