Outdoor Toy Rentals Near Palmer Alaska

sWith Pioneer Peak, Knik Glacier Valley, and Talkeetna Mountains nearby, Palmer is one of Alaska’s most beautiful places. If you plan a day in Alaska, look into toy, aka outdoor recreational vehicles, rentals to have a great time with your kids, family, or friends. But, where can you find outdoor toy rentals near Palmer? Palmer’s Alaska Toy Rental is the place for you! Continue reading to find out what you can rent.

Outdoor Toy Rentals Near Palmer


Just a 45-minute drive from downtown Anchorage, get ATV/UTV rentals from Alaska Toy Rentals to enjoy adventuring in Alaska. During the summer, ride four-wheelers to experience Alaskan trails. Everyone appreciates their reasonable prices and ease of booking.

• Max. Rental Hours: 23 Hrs

• Pick-up time: any time between 9 am and 5 pm.

• No mileage limit 

Snow Mobiles

If you are in a hurry to enjoy Alaska’s world-famous snow and are looking for a hassle-free rental option, Alaska Toy Rental can assist you in getting a snowmobile to enjoy with your loved ones. Don’t miss out on the snow adventure; the best part is that several snow machines are available!

• Pick up Time: 9 am/ Drop Off Time: 8 am

• No Mileage Limits

Jet Skiing

Everyone dreams of spending a weekend on a fantastic motorized lake in Alaska, surrounded by beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. Have a great time at Big Lake, Finger Lake, and Wasilla Lake! Get your jet ski for a weekend on the water from Alaska Toy Rentals in Palmer, which is close to Anchorage. Don’t forget a wetsuit!

• Pick up Time: 9 am / Return Time: 8pm

• Multi-Day Rentals available


Alaska, with its 3 million lakes, is a kayaker’s paradise. Do not miss the pristine water and beautiful glistering waves of the inland water. Alaska Toy Rentals is in Mat-Su Valley, which itself has 30 lakes! Rent a Kayak to get close to nature, whether you want to go fishing or enjoy your day on the lake.

• Max. Rental Hours: 23 Hrs

• Age Restrictions: 16+

• Multi-day Rentals available

Boat Rentals

To enjoy a day on the waters of Alaska, rent a boat. You can either go fishing or hunting or maybe float around. Alaska Toy Rental offers Whaly Boat, an unsinkable boat perfectly made for the calm waters of Alaskan lakes.

• Lake Time: 23 Hours

• Pickup at 9 am and ends at 8 am.

Call (907) 775-1880 if you want to rent for multiple days. Alaska Toy Rentals, located at 1855 S Chugach St, can assist you in having the perfect adventure with all their rental options. You can also rent boots, helmets, lifejackets, and other necessary equipment in addition to the toy machines. Just remember to return everything in the same condition, or you’ll have to pay extra for cleaning and fuel.

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