Finding Your Own Home

This article will tell you how best to find property on-line.  I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and reveal some secrets no one mentions.

You can do your own search on Alaska, or zillow, but this is very limiting. Or you can click on any number or Realtors websites to do your own property search. Many of these require you to register.

The Alaska MLS system only allows certain search parameters for the public.  For example, you cannot search for ranch style homes, or homes on gas heat as opposed to oil, or log homes.  You can do a search based on a broad area, price range, size, bedrooms and baths.  That’s about it.  ALE has good reasons for these restrictions but their reasons don’t help you in your search.

Even worse, there are a few brokers who do not allow their properties to be on the public search at all.

There is a better way.  we can set up a customized search for you that will home in on just the kind of home you want. We can get into some real detail on a home. For example here are just a few of the ways your search will be better :

  • you can search by heating type…gas, oil, propane, wood etc.
  • you can search by house type…log, ranch, two story etc
  • you can search a school district…Colony, Palmer, Wasilla, Houston
  • you can search for waterfront…lake, creek, ocean
  • you can search sold sales that will allow you to see how much certain homes sold for
  • you can search new listings since any date you select
  • you can search by access…paved, gravel etc
  • you can search for horse property, airstrip property etc

Your search can be as specific or as broad as you want it to be.  In addition, we can set it up so that as soon as a new listing comes on the market that meets your search parameters it will be sent to you.

Sometimes a house is just outside the price range of your search.  If that house price is lowered so that it is now in your price range, you will immediately be notified immediately.

Your search will be much more useful, and you can change it whenever you like, or even set up several different searches for different types of property.

All you need to do is drop us a note, see all of our professionals below.  Include your name, email address, and a good phone number.  Then give as many specifics as you can about the type of property you want.  We will set up the search for you free of charge.

Don’t worry, we don’t give or sell your personal information to anyone;this is just to let us set up a search for you that will actually be useful.  Not only that, you won’t have to spend hours on the computer every time you are looking for houses, they will automatically be sent to your email box and you can just browse at your leisure.

Here is the list of people to contact:

Bruce Koch [email protected] 907-631-9200
Paula Koch [email protected] 907-435-7165
Kalee Bowen,[email protected], 253-678-8485
Sue Bruckner, [email protected] 907-982-2719
Byron Bruckner,[email protected], 907-625-1522
Marty Van Diest [email protected] 907-232-7900
Jay Van Diest, [email protected] 907-232-4852
Martha Brookbank, [email protected]
Sarah Joseph,[email protected] 907-715-4335
Jennifer Kinneen [email protected] 907-982-5519
John Van Diest [email protected] 907-775-0221
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