Winter Prep in Palmer Alaska

Termination Dust

Termination dust on the mountains…it’s time to get ready for winter.

Get your tires changed. If you use studded tires, and I do, you can put them on now. I changed my tires this week.  This is unusual for me…I almost always wait until the first snow fall  Don’t be like me, get your snow tires on now.

Line up your snow plow guy. Unless you take care of your driveway yourself you will want to have someone lined up before the snow comes. Many of these drivers have a route and are often booked before the snow comes.  I’ll provide a list of snow plow services in a follow up post.

Know where you septic pipes are located.  We know from experience how much of a pain it is to find buried septic pipes when its 20 degrees below zero.  Make sure they are easy to find.  Even when they are covered in two feet or more of snow.

Detach your hoses from the hose bibs. Your hose bibs can freeze and break causing a catastrophic leak into your home if you do not do this. Make sure they are detached. And while you are at it, drain all the water out of your hoses before you coil them up for the winter.

Take care of the lawn mower, outboards, and other summer gear. Make sure they are put away in such a manner that they will start next spring. Drain the gas and water, fog the motors and put them into hibernation.

What do you do to get ready for winter?