How To Price Your Wasilla or Palmer Home To Sell

The best way to price your home to sell is to compare to similar houses in your neighborhood that have recently sold.  However, that is only possible in a few of the large subdivisions in Palmer and Wasilla.

Mountain Ranch Estates in Palmer comes to mind.  There are over 300 homes in Mountain Ranch, I believe it is the largest subdivision in Palmer.  All the houses were built by Hall Quality Homes so many of them are very similar.  It is much easier to compare prices in Mountain Ranch than in many other areas.

If you have a custom home outside of Wasilla or even if you have a builder model home with few other similar homes in the immediate area that have recently sold it becomes much harder.  Here are some important ingredients for pricing.

  1. Neighborhood.  If your house is much larger and nicer than the other houses in the neighborhood you need to lower your price compared to similar houses in other neighborhoods.  
  2. If your house is within a few miles of Wasilla and you are comparing it to a house 6 miles or more out Knik Goose Bay road then you increase your price over that comparable.  This does not hold true as much in Palmer.
  3. Size, age, and quality all make a difference in adjusting the price of your home up or down.  
  4. After you have made multiple adjustments the error factor of each of those adjustments begins to compound upon the other.   So eventually you will have a price range and the price you choose depends on your motivation.  The top of that range is a “maybe” price.
  5. If you are at a “maybe” price.  The only way you will know if it is too high is to try it.  I do not recommend trying it for more than 30 days.  Two weeks is even better.  Then start working your way down toward the bottom of the range. 
  6. If you price at or below the bottom of that range your property should sell in less than 30 days.  If you are significantly lower than the range it will sell in a few days and you can brag about how fast your home sold.  

An experience Realtor can help you with all this.  They will show you the comparable homes and have good access to the sold prices.  Alaska is a non-disclosure state so finding the actual sold prices of homes is very tricky.  

Go up to our contact tab and contact any of those Realtors listed.  They will help you out.