Water Wells In Wasilla and Palmer-Finding Water, Is it Magic?

Let’s Talk About Wells

This is part 1 of a 3 part post on wells in Palmer and Wasilla.  Stay tuned for the rest

Most building lots in the Wasilla and Palmer areas do not have water lines available to them.  So if you buy a lot you need to drill a well.  Where will you put that well?  Is it better in the back of the lot or the front?  Bottom line, it needs to be in a place that you can back a well rig up to.

Before you even purchase the lot you need to do a little research.  The state has an site called the Well Log Tracking System maintained by the Department of Natural Resources.  In my opinion it is of limited use.

There is a better system maintained by the Department of Environmental Conservation.  Even though it is for Septic Systems there is more well information on this than on the dedicated well tracking system.  Here is the link https://dec.alaska.gov/Applications/Water/Septs/  I’ll do a video later showing how to use it.  Make sure to subscribe to this blog to get that video when it comes out in the next few days.

You can go on this site and see well information for surrounding lots.  This is not a guarantee but if you find that all the neighbors have good wells than you have a good chance to find water also.

Talk to the Neighbors,  This gives you a good chance to meet the neighbors as well.  I recommend talking to the neighbors about the well and other matters after you have the lot under contract but before you close, (I have good reasons for this statement so email me if you are wondering).  Think of it as part of your due-diligence. The neighbors will give you a lot of info about your lot, wells, septics, and other things you might not expect.

Use a water witcher or dowser if you believe in magic. I have researched this subject and believe using a “water witcher” will give you the same chance of finding water as pure random chance.  I can’t seem talk anyone out of it so go ahead and do it.  But also research the neighborhood as above.

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