We Work For Free!

This article is for Home Sellers.  We will talk later about what we do for buyers…for free!
In a previous posting on the we introduced a discussion of marketing options. I just barely mentioned that we offer marketing options with commission rates between 5%-7%.  We can talk about those more later but…

First, let me tell you what we do FREE OF CHARGE !  We pay for this up-front.  We have employees and contracts with providers like Zillow and Alaska MLS that cost you nothing.

This is free to you…

  • Make an initial visit to your home.
  • Complete one to four hours of research to find the value.
  • Meet with you again about the price.
  • Review listing documents with you.
  • Take photos of your property.
  • Do a 3D Tour Of your property and upload it.
  • Do a video showcasing the positive points of your property
  • Enter the listing on the MLS, (multiple listing system)
  • Order title search.
  • Check at DEC, (department of conservation), for well, septic, and asbuilt survey
  • Post your property on my website
  • Put up a sign on your property.
  • Install a lockbox.
  • Review the online sites. 
  • Review online sites like Zillow
  • Upload the video on Zillow
  • Put an ad on craigslist
  • Arrange showings.
  • Follow up on showings to get feed back
  • Review offers with you to determine if the buyer is solid.
  • Determine your net proceeds based on the offer.
  • Negotiate a counter-offer if needed…it’s usually needed.
  • Help you negotiate home inspections and repairs
  • Help you get an engineer to test your well and septic and help you determine what to do if either fail.
  • Help you find a surveyor to do your as-built survey and work through possible set-back violations.
  • Help you get the appraisal ordered and decide what to do if the appraisal value is low.
  • Check in with the loan process to make sure the buyer is moving along
  • Review the title report and coach you through any title problems.
  • Schedule a closing time that works for you…

Up to this point we have been spending a LOT of time and money with absolutely no return.  We hope it closes.  If it does we get paid.  If it does not all of the above would have been done for free.