New Alaska DEC Regulations For Waste Water Disposal

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I was just notified of new regulations regarding waste water disposal. This appears to be mostly targeted at multi-family units larger than a duplex or commercial development. A “small commercial development” appears to be exempt.. It sounds like it will be more complicated to install septic systems for multi-family units.

I have a couple questions that I have not yet explored:

1. How complicated will these septic plans be and how much more expense will this add?

2. Will existing septic systems need to go through the plan phase when they need to be replaced?

I’m sure there are more questions:

Here is the notice I received:

The DEC recently adopted new regulations concerning Wastewater Disposal requirements. This publication was provided to me by Oran Woolley, at the DEC office in Wasilla.

A significant item in these new regulations is the change outlined on page 10, which states that “plan approval” is not required for a “private residence” or a “small commercial facility.” Private residence is defined on page 74 as follows:
(A) Means a single residential lot that is developed as a primary habitation for not more than two families and has a total maximum design flow on the lot of nor more than 1,500 gpd of domestic water
(B) Includes
i. One duplex;
ii. Two single-family residential structures;
iii. One single-family residential structure plus an apartment; or
iv. One or more additional support buildings used by the residents of structure described in (i) – (iii) of this subparagraph, including a workshop, home office, greenhouse or garage;
(C) Does not include a commercial development

Small commercial facility (page 73) means a single commercial building with an expected peak design flow of 500 gdp or less

In summary, anything in excess of what meets the definition of a private residence or a small commercial facility, will require a Domestic Wastewater System Plan Review, which begins on page 17 of the document.

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