Five Acre Lakefront Alaskan Estate

Build your dream home on this quiet lake on Pond Lily Lane just off Hollywood Road.

I took a walk out to the lake now that the ice and snow are gone to see just how usable the lot is. The first 2/3s of the lot as you walk back to the lake appears to be nice and usable. Dry ground with a thick forest of willow and birch. Most of the willows were nipped off at moose level, about 5-7 feet above the ground. I saw plenty of moose sign on this lot. Low-bush moose were plentiful too, I saw several snow shoe hares bounding on in front of my as I walked toward the lake.

Part of the video shows a clearing near the center of the lot, this photo shows the location of that clearing.

Pond Lily Clearing

For $50,000 this is hard to beat. Try to find another 5 acre lake front parcel with a good road anywhere in the valley. If you find one it will be at a much higher price or much lower quality. This one is mostly good land and is very easy to access.