Buyers, Don’t Sign That Inspection Waiver !!

Brimar Home

Brimar Home

At the very beginning let me be clear that I believe every buyer should hire a professional to inspect their property. A professional inspector looks at homes every day and will be able to catch things you would not.

But still, some buyers decide not to hire an inspector.

When an inspection is not completed by a buyer it has become common practice for real estate licensees to “require” that their clients sign a Waiver of Property Inspection form.


The only people being helped by this form is the broker and their licensees and the only people being hurt is the buyer.

This form holds the broker and all licensees harmless from ANY liability concerning the transaction.


How does this benefit the buyer? Answer…it doesn’t. The broker doesn’t really require it, how can they? It’s not a part of the contract and the only reason you might want to sign is if you get something in return. You might be able to give up your right to hold your broker responsible in exchange for the seller ordering the appraisal earlier than they otherwise might, for example.

Bottom line, read what you are signing. Especially when forms are put in front of you after you are already in conrtract.

If you would like someone to help you find a house just fill out the “form” below and let us know. We won’t ask you to sign away your rights.