Buyer Beware! You Are On Camera!

Log Home on 10 acres

Log Home on 10 acres

Security systems have become ubiquitous in Palmer and Wasilla homes. We are a bedroom community for the whole state. People who work elsewhere in Alaska have their home in Palmer and Wasilla. They often leave their homes empty for extended periods of time. Snowbirds, slopers, commercial fishermen, miners, guides, commuters have been purchasing high-tech security systems in increasing numbers.

These systems often record video and voice. And you would never know the recorders or cameras are there. I looked at a house recently with a bird house at each end of the garage.Upon closer inspection each hole had a camera lens inside it. But now cameras are hidden inside things you would never notice.

I heard a story today that was inevitable. A local Realtor’s clients came in to her office to review an offer that had just come in on their home. They told their Realtor how much these buyers were willing to pay and what the buyers concerns were about home. When she asked how they knew these things they told her that they had it all on video.

So the next time you are viewing a home act and talk like the owners are watching over your shoulder. Because they may in fact be doing exactly that.

On the plus side, many of these security systems are transferable to a new buyer.

The home pictured on this post, for instance, has a very nice security system all set up. It comes with the deal. If you would like to view this home that was just listed today just fill out the form at the bottom and we will set you up. It’s a 1900 square foot log home on 100 acres with a 2 car garage and a large shop plus two huge shelters large enough for motor homes or heavy equipment. All for $375,000.