Alaska Is An In-Bound State

Atlas Movers

Atlas Movers

I received an interesting email today from Atlas Movers. They keep track of the amount of people moving into an area as opposed to moving away from an area.

It seems that over the last 10 years Alaska has been second only to Washington DC for the percentage of people moving in as opposed to moving out.

I have no idea why someone would want to move into Washington DC but I can certainly relate to moving to Alaska. Of late North Dakota has overtaken Alaska as the highest in-bound state because of their oil boom. But even now, more people are moving into this state than out of it.

Here is Atlas’s map showing how states and provinces rank on people moving in or out. This is the first map I’ve seen with Yukon Territory south of California. Alaska is in the Gulf of Mexico and Hawaii is off the coast of Florida…but whatever, the data is still correct.