Valley Market Clients Are The Best!

Jay and I try to deliver bread to our clients every year. This gives us a chance to reconnect with people and is often enjoyable. It seems like we must work with the nicest people in the valley.

We are usually invited in even when it’s obvious that we are interrupting them in the middle of their day. We are always greeted with a smile and a Merry Christmas. It’s extremely gratifying to see these people making a home out of the house they purchased with our assistance. Usually we don’t have time to go in…gotta get the bread delivered.

But I couldn’t turn down the invitation to see the Model A that one of my clients was working on in his garage. That car is literally better than new. Check out the photos. It has the original motor but he modified it so that he can drive it down the road at modern highway speeds and still gets over 20 miles per gallon. I think General Motors could learn a thing or two from him.

If we don’t get to you before Christmas let us know…maybe we can deliver Easter bread to anyone we miss. 🙂