Nelson Services, How To Start A Small Business In A Small Town

Nelson Services
7161 E Blue Lupine
Palmer Alaska
907 331-7881

93 Toyota Pick Up

93 Toyota Pick Up

I was laying in the snow peering under the side of my 1993 Toyota Pickup in the old Carrs parking lot yesterday when I heard the classic line, “need any help?”. I was trying to think of a good retort as I turned to the young man leaning out the side of his Subaru station wagon when he added, “I’m a Toyota mechanic”.

“Well, in that case, take a look,” I said.

It became obvious that he knew his way around older Toyota trucks. When he confirmed my suspicion that the clutch was broken inside the bell housing I made up my mind to hire him.

He said, “$140 for the parts, I’ll be fair on the labor, and I can have it done by Wednesday”. I didn’t even know this guys name but when he said he would tow it to his shop for me I had my son hand him the keys.

Today, only one day later, and two days before his deadline the truck is back on the road. He not only fixed the clutch but he fixed an additional 1/2 dozen other problems while he was at it. He offered to replace all the dented body panels and make it look like new again but I declined. After another summer of banging around the bog holes and back trails it will be all bashed-up again. We use the truck for 4-wheeling not for car shows.

Casey of Nelson Services is just starting up his auto repair business. He works on only Toyotas and Subarus. If you have one of these cars this is your go-to shop.

His shop is located at 7161 E Blue Lupine next door to Bailey’s Furniture just off the Parks Highway and west of the Trunk Road Exit. The phone number is 331-7881. Casey says that he intends to become the Toyota and Subaru Mechanic of the Mat-Su Valley.

He is well on his way.