Read The Fine Print

Stack of Paper

Stack of Paper

Among the huge stack of necessary documents that you sign in a real estate transaction are a few optional ones that you might not want to sign.

For example, did you know that some of the local real estate companies include a clause giving them permission to advertise the price you paid for your property in their promotional ads? Do you want your neighbors to know the exact price that you paid for your house? Perhaps more importantly, do you want the property tax authorities to know the price you paid for your house?

Face it, the only reason a real estate company wants to tell everyone else about your house price is to promote themselves…not you. You can cross this clause out and it will not affect your real estate transaction at all.

Another clause gives the company permission to call you in the future. In fact, one of the local real estate companies includes this clause even when they do not represent you in a real estate transaction. Do you want to give these companies permission to harass you with phone calls?

Read the small print and cross out what you don’t like. It’s easy to give up a lot of our rights when we just sign everything in front of us without reading it.

On the other hand, most of the closing documents that you sign at the title company on closing day are required. You can’t really just cross anything out in those documents if you still want to buy the house. So don’t go to crazy with the cross out pen.