Mat-Su Political Wind Is Blowing To The Right

Mat-Su Borough Seal

Mat-Su Borough Seal

The election results came in tonight. Conservative candidates won pretty much all across the board.

Steve Colligan and Darcie Salmon each won assembly seats. They are both conservative people and will move the assembly a little more toward the right which should mean fewer regulations and fewer tax increases. In fact the assembly has already begun rolling back regulations with the Sept 29 adoption of the Mat-Su Business Alliance version of title 16. This is still in flux but is obviously a major change to the development rules in the borough.

Erick Cordero won his seat on the school board. He is also a conservative local politician in favor of school choice and fiscal responsibility for the school district.

In Wasilla, Vern Rupright was re-elected as mayor and was obviously the most conservative candidate in his race. Also, Leone Harris and Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, both conservative, were re-elected.

In Palmer the two most conservative candidates, Linda Combs and Brad Hanson, won three year terms to the city council.

So, all in all, it was a home run with bases loaded for conservatives.