What Do You Do With A Giant Cabbage?

Giant Alaskan Cabbage

Giant Alaskan Cabbage

I know this is a real estate blog…but there are also other issues in life. Such as this big cabbage in my front yard.

This year I decided to try gardening again. I have tried it several times with real bad results…usually most of my vegetables die before I can harvest them. I decided I had bad soil so this year I bought garden soil from Susitna Organics and put their good dirt in some raised beds. Grace and I planted broccoli, lettuce, radishes, rutabagas, carrots, rasberries, potatoes, and lots of strawberries.

Almost everything is doing great. Most of the plants were started from seed but we also bought some starters from Colony Greenhouse in Palmer. The gardener there talked me into buying a cabbage starter. He said it would grow into a giant cabbage.

I brought that little cabbage plant home and stuck it by itself in the middle of a 40 inch square bed. Look at it now. It’s not a giant that will win a ribbon at the fair but it’s certainly big enough to make me wonder what to do with it.

I never have been much of a cabbage eater…I like cole slaw and sauerkraut on a reuben sandwich but that’s about it. My brother Jay says to fry it up in a big frying pan with some olive oil and it’s delicious but that sounds too much like the boiled cabbage my mother made me eat as a kid. I almost gag thinking about it, (sorry Mom, I know you are reading this and I love almost every other dish you ever cooked).

So does anyone have any GOOD ideas about what to do with a giant cabbage?