Crazy Day In Real Estate

Pioneer Peak at 11:15 PM

Pioneer Peak at 11:15 PM

The photo at left is a nice end to a crazy day in real estate. It was taken at 11:15 PM this evening and although you can’t tell from the photo I was standing on Springer Loop in the pouring rain. There was a rainbow barely showing just outside the photo…at 11:15 PM. Isn’t Alaska great?

One of the reasons I love real estate is that it is never boring. Just after a long weekend is often even less boring. People have been saving up all their questions over the weekend to ask their Realtor.

Today was even crazier than normal. Jay and I work together as a team. Between us we showed properties to three different parties, wrote three offers, had three closings, and listed one property. That with all the phone calls and emails and other meetings made for a VERY full day.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow…it’s not gonna be boring.