Matanuska Electric Association Election

Bill Folsom for MEA

Bill Folsom for MEA

I attended the Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce Meeting yesterday. It featured presentations by three people running for the Matanuska Electric Association board. MEA is a cooperative that started way back in 1941 to bring Power to Palmer and surrounding areas. It quickly expanded to serve Chugiak, Sutton, and Wasilla.

We are all members of the Cooperative if we buy electricity from MEA and so we all get to vote for the seats on the board of directors.

Bill Folsom was the one candidate who impressed me. He was a director from 1994-2004. He said that MEA needs to be run like a business and not a monopoly. Some examples of operating like a monopoly are hiring three people to fill the job of one person, buying three trucks when one truck will do and increasing employees wages while everyone elses wages are dropping. He gave specific examples of how MEA has been doing just these types of things in the last couple years.

In fact, most of the costs of running MEA have been increasing. The Administration and General Expense part of the budget has gone up an average of 38% in the last three years according to Folsom.

The reason our electric bills did not increase is because the cost of buying our electricity from Chugach Electric has decreased. MEA produces very little of its own power and has to purchase the power from other utilities.

So while there are two seats open this year, I hope you will join me and only vote for only one…Bill Folsom. Voting only for him will increase his chances of getting him on the board.

We need him.

You should have already received your ballot in the mail. Don’t throw it away, fill it out and send it in.