Mat-Su Borough Assembly

Borough Assembly Meeting

Borough Assembly Meeting

I attended the borough assembly meeting last night. It was the first meeting with the new mayor, Larry Devilbiss, in charge. It was obvious that he has an agenda to get things done.

Among all the boring minutiae of a typical borough meeting I still learned a few interesting things.

    -A drilling rig that hopes to explore for more gas in Cook Inlet is being held up by the federal government.

    -The assembly is strongly opposed to the federal government expanding their military airspace over borough land.

    -John Cramer, a good guy who used to be Wasilla city manager, is among the 7 being considered to be borough manager.

    -Mayor Devilbiss is NOT going to send a letter to all members of borough boards and commissions asking for their resignation…yet.

    -There is some thought that cruise ships might want to dock at Port Mackenzie