Winter in Alaska

Muskrat Trappers

Muskrat Trappers

Winter in Alaska is not a time to just sit inside. There are lots of things to do. The photo to the left of my son and nephew was taken last week by Mike Buirge a fellow Realtor and also an avid trapper. He was showing them how to trap muskrats in a local swamp.

I have spent some time trapping myself and it is a great way to spend time in the winter. In addition you can snowmachine, fish, ski, snow board, sled, and lots more.

Some people enjoy winter photography. Winter in Alaska can provide some pretty spectacular scenery. The ice, snow, rivers, and mountains show off God’s handiwork in some pretty amazing ways.

Some people specialize in Aurora photographs. I have never been fortunate enough to take a good one but I do enjoy watching them. You “watch” the northern lights like you watch a football game or a play because it’s all action. Photographs of it are beautiful but only capture a snapshot in time. Here is a 3 minute video take at about -20F that gives just an inkling of what it can be like. Sometimes these displays fill the whole sky and last for hours.

This weekend is especially good because Palmer is having their Colony Christmas. It starts today but tomorrow and Sunday will be completely packed with activities. DO NOT MISS THE PARADE OF LIGHTS at 5PM Saturday in front of the Palmer Depot. Also, horse drawn sleigh rides, reindeer sleigh rides, smoosh races, and lots more fun.

There is a gun show this weekend too…at the Menard Sports Center in Wasilla. Lot’s of stuff to do.

In the meantime we are still helping people buy and sell houses…if you are looking for real estate, I’ll set aside some winter time for you. Just drop an email or call 907 373-0999. Or if you are searching…go to my search page for the best real estate searches you can get.