Labor Day In Real Estate

Rover Ridge, $399,000

Rover Ridge, $399,000

I showed houses all day today to two different couples. A few observations are in order.

It’s all about location:

But location is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Certain areas are better for the majority of people. For example, the “golden trianlge” with Wasilla, Palmer, and Hatcher Pass as the three points is the easiest area in which to sell a house. But for the morning couple, they liked Big Lake best. They had their own reasons for this, but that’s the way it is. Realtors always say that for every house there is a buyer. Sometimes it takes a long time for that buyer to come along, but when they do, often the house they choose seems tailor made.

Newer is better:

That is usually true because of the advantages of a newer roof, newer furnace, newer materials and generally better construction techniques. But for the afternoon buyer, he enjoyed an older home. He like the quirks, and character that came with an older home. He still sees the advantages in a newer home because of the additional money often required to bring an older home up to shape but older homes do hold a certain mystique for him.

Although I was working all day when most people have Labor Day off, I truly enjoyed it. I enjoyed getting to know two quality couples who will be great additions to our valley. Believe me…anyone would appreciate them as neighbors.