Wasilla, Palmer, Alaska Real Estate Statistics from 2008-2010

Feb 10 market chart As the chart to the left shows, (click on it to expand), the market has been pretty steady over the last two years.

In fact, if you look at the actual data in the table below you will see that things are remarkably similar from month to month over the last couple years. The new listings, active listings, and sold listings all look pretty stable from month to month when compared to previous years.

Data Table, click to expand

Data Table, click to expand

The only slightly ominous difference is the amount of inventory for January 2010. You will notice a sharp jump in months of inventory. I actually expect this to drop down to normal this next month because activity is pretty strong with buyers locking in real good interest rates right now.

I just received a daily update from Brian Scoresby of Wells Fargo Mortgage in Wasilla thats showed 30 year conventional fixed rates at 4.875%. Thats the lowest that I’ve seen in awhile. In fact, if you combine that with some other programs from Alaska Housing we are seeing people close with rates as low as 4.375%, and some of those people are also getting 0 down and about $15,000 rebates to boot.

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Based on information from AK MLS, Inc. but not compiled or published by AK MLS, Inc. Data maintained by AK MLS, Inc. may not reflect all real estate activity in the market.