WARNING ***Alaska Housing Changes Rebate Program***WARNING

An important change quietly went into effect at Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, (AHFC) on Jan 1. The big change is that instead of directly applying for the $7,500 rebate for purchasing a 5 star plus energy rated home you now have to go on a waiting list.

There are at least two rebate programs at AHFC that dip into the same pot of money. One is the rebate program for the new 5 star plus energy rated homes and the other is the rebate program for improving the energy efficiency of your home. People can reserve this money ahead of time for up to 18 months on the weatherization program and up to 12 months on the new construction program. You can find out about these programs at AHFC’s website here.

Apparently so many people have reserved money that the whole pot is spoken for. But I talked to two people at Alaska Housing yesterday who assured me that many of the people reserving the money will not use it and since their reservation expires after 18 or 12 months much of the money will become available for new applicants.

But…the important warning is to get you name on the waiting list NOW!!!. Go here for the contact numbers to get on the list.