Wasilla Real Estate Statistics for Jan 5-11, 2010

The new year started out very strong. With the first full week of the new year behind us I wanted to see how we were doing. This past week saw pending sales. The total inventory is down significantly because of all the listings that expired at the end of the year and now we see 31 more houses come off the market in the first week.

Those people who want to get in under the wire for the April 30 cutoff for the federal incentives for home buyers had better pick out their houses before the inventory shrinks too far. On the other hand, sellers may want to grab this opportunity to reach this wave of buyers and put their homes on the market a little earlier than they had planned.

Average PriceMedian PriceDOM
New35$254,853 $235,000.
Total Active648$274,944$239,000165