Wasilla and Palmer Real Estate Deals

The deals of the week went out to all the subscribers on Friday. If you want to be on this list send me an email, (click on “contact me” to the right), and ask for deals of the week.

This week I focused only on Palmer and Wasilla because thats were most of the buyers are focusing.

I was pretty relentless on real obvious deals as you can see from the paring down of the new listings and the price reductions. Some of these are short sales—FAIR WARNING ON SHORT SALES—they can be frustrating.

The deals of the week included: 3 of 25 new listings, 4 of 50 price reductions, all 16 Foreclosures, and all 8 relos.

If you are looking for a fair deal and a good house, there are quite a few brand new houses coming on the market that qualify for the $7,500 energy rebate. Many of them are priced VERY competitively to start with and with the rebate and the great savings you have on the new energy efficient homes they are something you should consider.

I know of several new homes that aren’t on the market yet that will be great deals for someone. Let me know if you are interested in them. I’ll get you the info.