Deals Of The Week

Below is the notice that just went out to all the subscribers to Deals Of The Week. If you missed the email or want to sign up just send me an email and ask to receive Deals Of The Week.

Here are the deals of the week. The first group are five that I cherry-picked out of the 900 plus homes on the market. They appear to be good deals based on the location, condition and price.

Then I went through the new listings from the past 8 days and chose five more that seemed to be priced right. If you have been watching my Monday Memo you may have noticed that the houses that sell are only on the market for a short time. The houses that are priced right sell quickly.

I checked out some houses that recently reduced their prices. Some of them look pretty attractive. There are nine in this list.
Then I included all the foreclosures. There are only 19 at the present time. That is down from the mid to high twentys a month or so ago.

The last category are brand new five star plus energy rated house under $250,000.
I think these houses deserve a look for two reasons. First, you get a $7,500 check from the state after you close. That’s pretty hard to beat. We are wondering how long that money will hold out, it may disappear after the first appropriation is used up. Second, you have much lower utility bills over the life of your ownership because of it’s energy efficiency. Not only that, if you are first time home buyer you can qualify for an $8,000 tax rebate as well as the $7,500 energy rebate. Some of these homes are in the $160K price ranges.

Three of these 27 5 star plus homes are my listings and I feel they are particularly good deals. There is this one on Pintail for $195,000, the house on Navigators Circle is 1850 sq ft with 4 bedrooms and a 2 car garage for $219,000, and the house on Kane Drive has 1.6 acres, a view and exceptionally nice interior with arches, fireplace, triple pane windows and more for $245,000. These houses are hard to beat when you throw in the benefits of 5 Star Plus Energy Ratings.

Last but not least is this house, that Charlene Moss told me was recently reduced to $159,900. Folks…this is a deal, no matter how you cut it. Give me a call if you want to see it.

Marty Van Diest
Valley Market Real Estate
907 232-7900