In-Pipe Technology, The Answer To Our Sewer Problems?

In-Pipe Doserr I just attended a noon lunch meeting with the Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce. They have a special speaker each week…two weeks ago it was on Green Infrastructure. This week was on digestion.

Actually Norman Kroening talked about In-Pipe Technology for sewer systems. At first it sounded like a pretty boring speech about an inappropriate lunch subject, but the luncheon became more satisfactory as the speech went on.

In-Pipe Technology has the potential to revolutionize sewer and septic systems in this state if it really works. Right now, home owners with septic systems—read… almost everyone in the borough on more than one acre of land—have to pump their septic systems every year or two. If they don’t pump it, sludge will build up and eventually plug the leach field causing the house to flood with sewer water. And we know that’s everyone’s idea of a fun time.

According to Mr. Kroening by this fall In-Pipe technology will have a doser available similar to the one in the photo above that can be installed in a house that will continuously pump beneficial microbes into a septic system that will cause it to turn that sludge into clear liquid. That liquid will easily leach into the ground.

It should cost around $300 up front and maybe $200 or so per year to keep working.

No more pumping, no more rebuilding septic systems, no more cleaning smelly basements….hopefully. I’ll keep looking into this and write an update as I find out more about it.