A Drive Up Wolverine Road, A Palmer Alaska Secret

Talkeetna MountainsI took a drive up Wolverine Road this evening to put a sign on a new listing.  Wolverine Road is one of Palmer’s secrets. 

Wolverine Road starts out as Clark-Wolverine Road from the Old Glenn Highway about one mile east of Palmer.  About 3 miles up the road, Clark and Wolverine separate, turn left to stay on Wolverine.  I found that someone else liked Wolverine Road as well.

I saw three moose on the 8 mile drive, this young one was munching on Willows next to Wolverine Creek



Just a mile up the road were some of our strange Alaskan Cattle


These shaggy beasts definitely look like they were made for an Alaskan winter.

IMG_1347     3 musk oxIMG_1350

Just across Wolverine Canyon is the giant carrot marking Wolverine Farms, home of the largest herd of Galloway Cattle in Alaska.


Someone who knows more than I do can tell us why every mountain peak has a puffy cloud above it.  There were no other clouds in the sky.

Mountain clouds

All this was to put a sign at the very end of Wolverine Road.

Interested in property up this way? Call me at (907) 232–7900.