A Drive Up Wolverine Road, A Palmer Alaska Secret

I took a drive up Wolverine Road this evening to put a sign on a new listing.  Wolverine Road is one of Palmer’s secrets. 

Wolverine Road starts out as Clark-Wolverine Road from the Old Glenn Highway about one mile east of Palmer.  About 3 miles up the road, Clark and Wolverine separate, turn left to stay on Wolverine.  I found that someone else liked Wolverine Road as well.

I saw three moose on the 8 mile drive, this young one was munching on Willows next to Wolverine Creek


Just a mile up the road were some of our strange Alaskan Cattle

These shaggy beasts definitely look like they were made for an Alaskan winter.


Just across Wolverine Canyon is the giant carrot marking Wolverine Farms, home of the largest herd of Galloway Cattle in Alaska.


Someone who knows more than I do can tell us why every mountain peak has a puffy cloud above it.  There were no other clouds in the sky.

Mountain clouds

All this was to put a sign at the very end of Wolverine Road.

Interested in property up this way? Call me at (907) 232–7900.