Alaskan Real Estate Lock Box

I heard a funny story from a real estate friend today. 

During the last cold snap one of his vacant listings froze up.  Upon inspection he discovered that the water in the toilet had frozen and the bowl was cracked.  Knowing that this would be a real mess if it was allowed to thaw in the house he took the toilet outside and set on the deck.

Repairmen needed to access the house so he hid a key for them, he just lifted the lid and set the key on top of the ice.  That’s the last place a thief might look for a key.  That worked fine when it was 20 below…but this week we had a few days of unusually warm weather.   

Today he got a call from the repairman wondering if there was a new hiding spot for the key.  Then it dawned on him!  The ice thawed this week, and then re- froze last night.  The key was still in the toilet, but now it was at the bottom of the ice. 

At the last report, the repairmen were heating up the frozen toilet on the deck so they could access the house. 

Real Estate just works a little differently in Alaska. 

I should clarify that the key was hidden in the frozen tank rather than in the frozen toilet bowl.  Someone told me that I shouldn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story but I have to tell it straight.