Deals Of The Week

Deals of the week…first update in two months!  I haven’t been updating deals of the week on a regular basis.  You can thank “Joe” for the kick in the pants to get going.

Joe commented today on my last deals of the week post:

No updates in 2 months? Surely there are note worthy deals out there!

But I don’t agree on your limit of a week to sell to be a deal. Buyers are slow in the cold & they are taking they’re time choosing & deciding what they want. Agents are also wasting a lot of time for showings because they aren’t pre-qualifying they’re buyers.

Joe is correct that there can be deals outside of my criteria for my deals of the week posts. As a reminder…here they are.

    • 1. Just because I say its a deal doesn’t mean that you should buy it “sight unseen”.  I am only looking at the MLS.  In most cases I am not physically previewing these properties.
    • 2. To qualify for DOTW, within the past week the property must have either been newly listed, come back on the market, or had the price lowered.  This is based on the assumption that if a property was truly a “deal” it would not last more than a week on the market

However, I have to set some type of guideline for myself.  I make the assumption that a real deal will sell in a week or less.  I think most people would agree that a house that sells almost immediately was priced to sell.  There certainly can be deals that are on the market for quite some time without selling.  Usually this is because some quality of the home is being overlooked by the buyers. Sometimes a great deal for one person is not such a fantastic buy for others. 

Every house has a buyer because we are all different.  We all have different wants and needs so we choose different types of homes.

Here are MY choices for this week.

  • $259,900, 3505 N Tern Ct, 2,550 sq ft completely remodelled home in Eagle Estates, Listed by Larry Ficek, RE/MAX of Wasilla
  • $152,500, 5811 N Talgach View, 1092 sq ft ranch.  This is a Fannie Mae foreclosure.  Listed by Uli Johnson, Double Eagle Real Estate.
  • $157,000, 1291 Rainbow Park Drive, 1248 Log Home, Only 3 years old.  That’s it in the photo, Listed by Marty Van Diest, RE/MAX of Wasilla

If you would like more info on these properties, or any other properties on the MLS…give me a call at 907 232–7900 or send me an email by clicking on the contact link to the right.