Support Your Candidate On Tuesday Feb 5

Alaska has a unique choice this Tuesday.  The presidential race is coming down to the wire.  It’s real close and may be over by Wednesday.  For the first time in my life it is extremely important for those of us in Alaska to let our voice be heard.

The Republicans are holding a presidential preference poll on Tuesday.  This is a binding poll and will determine how many delegates will be allocated to each candidate.  Republicans are sending 29 candidates to the national convention and the poll will determine how they will be allocated.  As I understand it, these will split according to the results of the poll.  If one candidate gets 25% of the vote, he will receive 25% of the delegates.  Go to for locations and time.

The Democrats are holding their caucus meetings on Tuesday as well.  The caucus will ultimately determine which delegates will be chosen to go to the Democratic National Convention.  I have participated in caucus meetings and they are actually very educational.  If you are a supporter of Clinton, Obama, or Gravel you should attend.  Go to for the locations and time.

For other information here are some other sites:  

  • This site will help you determine which candidate best fits your own views
  • How do the candidates stand on ANWR drilling?  Click Here
  • Wall Builders Voter Guide

If you are wondering…I’m supporting Mike HuckabeeClick here to see where he stands on the issues.  I think it will be pretty obvious to see why I’m supporting him.

Politics is not usually a part of my website, but this is a particularly important election.  Feel free to comment if you like…but keep it civil.