Palmer Real Estate, Midtown Estates.

One of the reasons so many like Midtown Estates is its proximity to the local schools. Click on the map to the left and you will see that the Colony High School and Colony Middle School border Midtown on the North. 

In fact, at the end of Broadway is a gate through a fence to the back of the school grounds.  Many of the people who live there just walk to school.  For a rural area like the Mat-Su Valley, that is a rare luxury.

In addition, Pioneer Peak Elementary is on Trunk Road just West of Midtown.  The new realignment of Trunk Road is going to go between Midtown Estates and Pioneer Peak Elementary School, who knows, maybe they will provide a foot bridge across the road.  That would be a good thing for the people of Midtown to lobby.

I happen to have a listing at 2190 Broadway.  If you are looking for a place close to the schools click here

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