Wasilla Dinner Theater

Last night was opening night for the Christmas Carol at the Valley Bistro in Wasilla.  It opened to a full house in the Teeland Building.  The historic building was a perfect setting for this dinner theater. 

People who know me understand that I usually go in for camping, hunting, and fishing for my leisure activities but I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this play. 

Because of the intimate setting you feel almost as if you are in the Cratchit’s dining room watching their Christmas meal. 

The dinner was also very good.  Grace enjoyed her prime rib dinner and I had grilled chicken.  I’m not sure if the same menu is every evening but halibut was also available as an entree last night.

It was very well acted by the whole cast and especially by the director AJ Seims who also played Mister Scrooge.

The dinner theater will be every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night between now and Dec 22, 2007.  Buy tickets at the Valley Bistro or call 357–5633 for more information.  If you are interested you might want to buy your tickets soon.  This same play was offered last year and sold out for the season fairly quickly.

For more information visit the Triumvirate Theatre website.