Fly Boys Cafe, Between Palmer and Wasilla

This little cafe has intrigued me for quite some time. I’m not sure who had the idea to remodel this old barn into a restaurant, but it was a stroke of genius.

Located just off the Parks Highway, near the intersection with the Glenn Highway, it is in a good central location.  It’s tucked in behind Gator Glass, click here for a map.

It has a unique Alaskan atmosphere combining an old valley barn with an Alaskan bush pilot theme.  Photos of bush pilots and planes line the walls, an old bent prop that obviously has a great story leans in a corner.

A beautiful view of Pioneer Peak is right out the window.  It just a fantastic place to sit down with some friends to enjoy some great food. 

Speaking of food, sisters Natalie Forbis and Anna Sippey are the cooks.  The menu varies from day to day but one thing stays the same, down-home  good cooking. 

Here is the menu when I stopped by, click to enlarge.


There is enough room for a good sized group of people, and in the summer you can even eat in the hayloft. 





P.S. Ignore the spider webs…it is decorated for Halloween.

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