Good News For Alaska Economy?

I have said for awhile that Alaska has no real good news on the horizon.  We need some good news to revive the economic spirit in this state.

I am not a pro on the natural gas pipeline, but I have been watching it with the same interest most Alaskan’s have.  We know that it would bring a needed boost to the state.  There is a lot of gas in the state, (there is even some outside of Juneau).  If we can figure out a way to get it to market it might replace some of the declining oil revenues.

One of the major arguments against a liquified natural gas system is that there were no ports to accept it on the west coast.  But now I find that there are some plans in place and people are moving ahead.

In the unlikely place of Anchorage Daily News political blog I find this link to an application to build a deep water LNG port off the coast of California.  Apparently there are plans for several more up and down the West Coast.  That will put some wind in the sails of the people pushing for an “all Alaska line. 

So while it isn’t a big deal yet, you can use a little imagination to see that this could become a big deal.  Now we just need the other two pieces of the puzzle.  The LNG tankers…and the LNG pipeline and we are in business.