Carnival of Real Estate #49

There were about 40 entries for this week’s Carnival of Real Estate.  That may be a normal amount for all I know but there was a lot of good writing to sort through.  I feel a little inadequate after reading some of these great articles.

I sorted them into four categories:  Real Estate Agents, Mortgages, Technology and Other.

Real Estate Agent Category… I had to give Broker Bryant first place.  He had my whole family in stitches.

Lead Or Prospect, Are You Buying? by Broker Bryant at

Market Your Home Like A Rock Star by Brian Miller of

Top 100 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent  by Michael Krotchie at

Salesperson or Consultant by Sandy Kaduce at



Just Because Compensation for a Loan Isn’t Disclosed Doesn’t Mean It’s Free by Dan Melson at

The 3.6 Million Dollar Mortgage by Tim Abbott at



How The I-Phone Can Revolutionize Real Estate by Oliver Muoto at

To Map or NOT to MAP – That is the question? from


Other Real Estate Related

5 Things Buyers Should Never See in Your Listings by Kimbely Wester on Active Rain

Building an audience: Using blogging, social networks, email newsletters and viral marketing instead of SEO by Brian Brady on Bloodhoundblog

Does Size Matter: How Small A House Are You Willing To Live In?  from

Housing and the age of Affluence from

Transparent Honest Negotiating by Christopher Smith at

I felt that everyone who contributed should be listed, so here are all the other blog posts.  Some of these are likely as good or better than the ones I chose.  It depends on your perspective. 

Check them out:

Seven Ways to Tackle The Garage by Jennifer Steck at

Motivated Seller, Come Back Next Year by Aaron Dickinson of

Home Pricing Strategies by Ben Kinney on Active Rain

These Ladies Mean Business by Dr. John Yacenda at

Why Real Estate Is Bubble Proof by Tonja Demoff at

Condo-Hotel Concept Is It Worth Checking Out? from

10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Buying-Selling Real Estate by Ant at

Exploring A Slice Of Subprime Space by Niki Scevak at

Time To Buy Or To Buy Time by Matt Johnson at

Why Build a Custom Home by Mark Donovan at

Does a Bi-Weekly payment plan save me enough money to make it worthwhile? by John Barker at

7 Steps To Buying A Home by Doug Trudeau at

What Housing Derivatives Really Mean For You by Fritz Siebel at

Stocks Versus Real Estate Investments by David at

Almost Debt Free: How to Save for a Down Payment on a Home by John at

Is George Washington Selling Your House by Toby Boyce at

Ask The Agents: Where Are The Good Neighborhoods? by Jay Thompson at

How Much Is Your Home Worth? by Andy of

How Much Should Your Monthly Mortgage Be by Tushar at

Why Redfin Will Succeed by Lani Anglin at

Real Estate Search Marketing, A VC’s Take by Cliff Jacobson at

If You Were Designing The Real Estate Industry From Scratch, Would It Look More Like Coldwell Banker Or Redfin?  by Kevin Boer at

Inspire Me! 2 Tips and a Website by Shaun McLane at