Ripening On The Real Estate Tomato Vine.

Back in December of 2006 I decided I wanted to begin an online newsletter. I really wasn?t sure how to do one so I started my research on the internet. Eventually I came across Jim Cronin and his website, The Real Estate Tomato.

The more I read on his website I learned that Jim was the kind of guy that would be able to help me do what I wanted to do. I had already learned a lot just from reading his blog. Blog, short for web log, was a word that I didn?t take to immediately, and still don?t really like. I guess it because I?m in my mid 50s. I still like to think of it as an online newsletter, only more personal.

Anyway, after reading Jim?s blog, I decided to ask him to help me get set up. He was encouraging, helpful, and fast. In no time I had my website up and running under a completely new format. It has become a useful way to help others in my local area get up-to-date real estate information.

Since then I?ve learned a lot and read a lot of other people?s blogs. I?ve also met others who Jim Cronin has helped set up with real estate related blogs: These people all have different perspectives on real estate, and even on the world. Check some of them out.

    That?s most of them as of June 24, 2007. I?ll add more later as they sprout on the vine. It?s amazing what you can learn just by reading other peoples views of real estate.