Wasilla Real Estates Deals of the Week…IS DEAD !

In this internet age we tend to think we can do anything with the web.  You can buy your books, book your flights, even get your MBA on the internet. 

The real estate business has changed for good because of the internet.  Studies show that at least 80% of home buyers use the internet to search for their home.  These studies are at least two years old and Alaska is a very connected state. It is my belief that Alaskan home buyers use the internet at least 90% of the time.  The next most important piece of marketing is your sign.  Then the print media shares the little sliver of marketing pie that is left over.

But we make a mistake when we think we can find a good deal on the internet.  We might find an interesting property.  We might put it on our list to see.  But until we can smell it, feel it, walk on it, look at the neighbors and just breath in the air, we don’t really know if the property is any good or not.

For that reason I have been forced to kill the deals of the week.  I am not going to put this out every week unless I have actually seen the property or personally talked to someone else who has seen it. 

I was a little embarrassed today after a reader called me for directions to one of my “deals”.  When I actually went to look at it myself I had to admit that it is only a mediocre deal.  Even for an experienced Realtor who knows this valley almost inside out, it is impossible to discern a real good deal unless I can touch it and see it with my own eyes.

So instead of the Deals Of The Week on Tuesdays, I will publish a Wasilla Real Estate News Alert when I hear of a good deal for which I don’t already have buyer.  Sorry folks, my buyers come first. 

If you want to be one of the people that are called before an alert goes out, just send me a note by email.  Give me your number and I’ll put you on our buyers board in the office.  Those are the people who are called first.