Commission Rates

Percent signSixty Minutes recently did a piece on real estate agent commission rates. I didn’t see it because I don’t watch TV but I heard and read a lot about it.

In my old website I had a page specifically devoted to my marketing plans and the amount I charged for each plan. I want to begin to reproduce that with this article as an introduction.

I believe that the consumer should have a choice so that they only need to pay for what they need. To that end, I am constantly thinking about and revising the way I do business to help meet consumers choices.

I offer commission rates from 5%-7% for different levels of full listing services. In addition, I have certain fixed fee plans where I will help people with their real estate needs to just help write up a contract, solve a problem, or give marketing advice. I will also work by the hour as a consultant. I will expand on the details in future posts to this website. Stay tuned.