Best Blog In Alaska

Mfn-awardWriting a blog opens up a part of the internet I didn’t know existed

I get calls from out of state reporters to get my take on real estate in Alaska.  I got another one today.

A lady in New York city calls my cell phone desperate to find a place with clean air and Arkansas is not too far to go.  When she found out AK was an abbreviation for Alaska she went off the deep end.

Today I get an award for the best real estate blog in Alaska from the Mortgage Finders Network. The Wasilla Real Estate News won their prize as the best real estate blog in Alaska for the first quarter.  I wasn’t sure there were enough real estate blogs in Alaska for all four quarters so I took a look on google.

Kristan Cole has a blog.  Traci Prior has one in Kenai.  Niel Thomas  in Anchorage has one.  And Debbie White has a real great blog in Juneau.   That’s five counting mine, I guess someone has to wait until next year.

If you know of any more let me know and I will add them to the list.