Sourdough Wanted

I talked to a friend tonight.  He has given thought to selling his homestead in the Yenlo Hills but really doesn’t want to part with it yet.  He spent a lot of time proving up on it.  Then he spent money on a cabin and airstrip.  Now he is offering a free place to stay if he can find the right sourdough.

If the you or someone you know would like an opportunity to live in the real Alaska wilderness upon approval he would allow them to stay in his cabin.  This would have to be someone who is pretty independent because there would be no neighbors…at all.  It is about a three mile hike to the Yentna River.  I don’t think there are any trails

The only access is by air.  I believe that he might drop you off, but you could not count on regular flights.  You would need to be prepared to stay for a long time. There isn’t a quick mart on the corner.

If you happened to really like it he might work out a rent to own arrangement, but if you don’t like it or just want to do it for a year or so, it’s free rent. 

Want to know where it is?  Just click on the google map above, it’s dead center in the map, zoom out to get your bearings.  It’s amazing how close you can be to civilization and still be in the middle of nowhere.  This is only about 60 miles from Anchorage, but if you yell for help, no one will hear you.

Oh… if you don’t know what a sourdough is, that means you are probably a cheechako and you might want to steer clear of this until you have a few Alaskan winters under your belt. 

Drop me an email, I’ll put you in touch.