Home Staging Comes To The Mat-Su Valley

Gale Larson, a local home stager wrote this excellent article on home staging.  Please note her contact information at the bottom.  If you’re one of my sellers, please contact me for a 50% discount for Gale Larson’s services.


The Sale

How Staging Helps


Home staging has been around since the mid-70’s and has been quietly utilized by a select few. Since the late 1990’s it has become a fresh standard in service and marketing in the real estate industry. As buyers have become more sophisticated, marketing, too, must become more refined.


Staging is the crucial bridge between sellers and buyers when it comes to residential transactions. A professional stager can turn an average property into a desirable, above average property that stands out among similar offerings and appeals to a broad audience. Home staging is a niche that is warmly received and widely accepted by realtors, investors, landlords, and for sale by owner sellers, nearly, worldwide.


A competent stager helps transition the home owner to a house seller. Making this transition is key to the rest of the process the stager is responsible for.


When the seller has detached emotionally from the house, 5 vitally important things can be accomplished towards the sale:

  • – de-cluttering  
  • – cleaning
  • – downscaling the contents of the house
  • – organizing
  • – and presentation- which is the actual staging part

This results in an attractive arrangement of furniture, accents, art work, strategically placed vignettes that capture the hearts of buyers.


Just as a seller must disconnect emotionally to sell their house, a buyer must connect emotionally to spark the compelling desire to purchase a home.


An effectively staged property touches buyers on many levels allowing them to mentally move in, imaging themselves enjoying living in the house they are touring. And this is what promotes sales. After all, “home is where the heart is.”  


Capture the heart of the buyer, and you capture the sale. Staging can be the silver bullet for marketing current and new listings. Stage a stale listing and give it new life. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s close!



Gale Larson-owner

ShowCase Residential Staging

“the sizzle that sells homes”

Palmer, Ak