Wasilla Alaska, Knik Arm Crossing.

Knik arm crossingA friend emailed me an interesting concept about the Knik Arm Bridge.  It basically incorporates private enterprise into the Knik Crossing.  You may have heard the more famous name for this bridge…the “Bridge to No Where”.

This has been a serious project for quite some time. I have heard it discussed for at least a decade. Here is an engineering study from 2004.  The US Congress did earmark funds for this bridge in 2005 and then took away the earmarks while still awarding the money.  So now the state has to decide whether to use the money for the bridge, or for something else.

There continues be evidence of momentum for this project.  The state legislature is talking about extending the rail road to Point MacKenzie to meet up with the bridge and road projects are in the works for the Point Mac area.  In addition a bridge would simplify transportation for the new prison which is still on track for completion.

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