Shop, Shop, Shop…To Prevent Buyer’s Remorse

Buyers remorse pillsIn the Wasilla and Palmer areas we currently have a higher inventory than we have had in the last few years.  This gives the buyer more choices. It is important to determine what you want and need and then go out and look for it.

I recently showed a couple more than 25 homes before they settled on the one that fit.  They are really happy with their new home and are settling in nicely.

After you have pre-qualified, and determined your needs and wants, it is important to look at enough homes to make you feel comfortable that you have seen what the market can provide.  If you buy a house too soon, you will get buyers remorse and need some buyers remorse pills.

You want to find a Realtor that will help you find just what you need.  You don’t need anyone asking you canned lines like, “If we see the house that meets your needs are you prepared to put an offer on it TODAY”.  You know you will receive pressure from that person.  I decided when I first started in real estate that I wanted to help people with their real estate needs, not SELL them anything they weren’t sure they wanted.Lazy Mountain, Palmer Alaska

We currently have about 800 listings on the market, which is almost twice the amount of two years ago.  Demand has remained steady so we are still selling about the same amount of houses.  That allows buyers more choice.  It doesn’t mean that buyers will be able to talk a seller into a lower price because it does not appear that prices are dropping.  In fact it seems that prices are continuing an upward trend. in Wasilla and Palmer.

So shop till you drop, but don’t pass up the good one when you see it.  We are still seeing multiple offers on houses.  In the past 3 weeks I have been involved in 4 multiple offer transactions.  If you see a good one, grab it now or someone else will.    

If you want to know about the houses when they come on the market send me an email.  I can customize a program that will send you listings as soon as they hit the market.  If you only want 3 bedroom ranches under $200K I can set that up for you.  If you want a nice setting on some acreage I can do that as well.  You will receive the listing in your email as soon as it hits the MLS.

Click on the contact link above or call me at 907 232–7900.