Who Should Pay For The Appraisal?

Closing costs always seem to be a mystery.? Most people say we will just split the closing costs 50/50.? But it?s not that easy! There are certain costs that are traditionally seller?s costs, and certain that are traditionally buyer?s costs.? In?some loan programs it is mandatory that the sellers pick up certain costs. Here are the costs usually paid by the buyer:

  • All Loan Fees. These include commitment fees, origination fees, points, credit reports, and lock fees.
  • Mortgage insurance.? Or VA funding fees, or rural development fees if required.
  • Reserves account.? This is to pay the taxes and insurance as they come due.
  • Lenders title insurance.? This is not the Owners Title Insurance paid by the seller
  • Home owners insurance
  • Inspection fees.? For their home inspection
  • Flood review Read the rest of this entry »